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BaanDusit – Beautiful village in Pattaya

BaanDusit village Pattaya


To all those with an interest in the purchase houses in our village of Baan Dusit , I wish to explain why Baan Dusit is the most interesting and popular in Pattaya among all other settlements.


First off, this complex is located in an ecologically clean area, only 15 minutes away from the city center, 10 minutes from the major supermarket Macro, Lotus, Big C and just 3 minutes from some of the most beautiful, clean and peaceful beaches. The complex is located adjacent to Temple Wat Yan , Silver Lake garden, the floating market, tropical garden Nong Nooch Village, two huge aqua parks: (Cartoon Network & Ramayana ), and a many golf courses as well. Several Quality International Schools are right on our doorstep, St Andrews, Tara Pattana and Rayong, which all offer English program curriculum. For Thai schools we have many also available.


The infrastructure of our villages here in Baan Dust are not just the most developed and elite throughout Pattaya ,but also of all Thailand; no other village, on its territory has several public swimming pools with free sunbeds and seating for sunbathing own, its own park with large slides, several fitness centers, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball fields (which are all available for usage for free), a large private lake where you can not only ride on a boat, catamaran and fishing, parks with children’s playground. . The territory of the villages of Baan Dusit is set near a beautiful lake on which you can ride the catamaran boat and fish in a peaceful environment. In the territory of the villages are two restaurants and a few minutes away from the complexes, are some great restaurants of the Pattaya , such as Rimpa Lapin, Preecha Seafood, Italian Restaurant Pan Pan, Guilty Pleasure and many more. One kilometer from the village, is an excellent hospital , in which are excellent specialists, as well affordable costs compared to BKK Pattaya Hospital, Memorial Hospital or others.


As you can see the benefits are obvious and for all those who planned and are planning to purchase homes here in Pattaya, I want to also explain why now is the right time to buy a house in Baan Dusit. In addition to all the above advantages, the most important one is the very affordable prices for the different types of houses. Why such prices, might you ask? The Russian Economy has been affected by several issues, which has halved the buying power of the Ruble. For Russian purchasers, the price has doubled as has flight costs, so they have to make a choice, most offer significant reductions to sell quickly, although there is a benefit when they convert back to Rubles. Some of these reductions can be as high as 50% of the original Purchase Price.


If earlier Baan Dusit villages were regarded as a place only with Russians, today it is from people all across the world. With recent buyers keen to buy at bargain prices in a quality village.


In addition to the fantastic purchase prices, I would also like to say that the annual maintenance for the house is one of the most affordable in Pattaya (at 3.75 baht/m2) – the cost for maintenance at a house with 140-160 square meters is almost equivalent to a Studio Condo with 30 square meters.


For all wishing to invest in property, Baan Dusit is definitely an affordable, efficient and the right investment you can make. Why again? Rental Department Our village is very active and for all those who invest in the purchase of a house for the purpose of lease – Baan Dusit is the best deal . To rent out house in our complex is very easy and the yields they provide are second to none. Out of about 80 houses available for rent, we have very little left to offer, so if renting is your choice we urge to speed up with your consideration. I hope that this information has been useful to all those who have plans to purchase , or rent houses in our village.

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