How to list your home on Thaivisa Property
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How to list your home on Thaivisa Property

Thaivisa Property works with an exclusive network of partner real estate agents throughout the locations featured on our website.

Our partner agents handle all the enquiries we receive for that particular location and they are also the only agents who can display listings on the Thaivisa Property website.

By listing your property with our partner agent you can request that it is also included on the Thaivisa Property website and in the Thaivisa newsletter, which is distributed two times per day to more than 250,000 email subscribers.

Because of the sheer number of people who read the Thaivisa newsletter, we can market your property to hundreds of thousands people, providing a level exposure for your property which is unrivaled by any other organisation in Thailand.

Whilst it is free of charge to list a property on our website, it is important to note that Thaivisa Property is paid a percentage of the commission on any completed sale so it is usual that agents will request a slightly higher sales commission on the properties that they promote through Thaivisa Property.

Please also note that rather than overloading our website with tens of thousands of property listings, we have made a conscious decision to try and keep the Thaivisa Property website smaller and more exclusive and not flood it with property listings, which can quickly become outdated and/or duplicated.

The current format of Thaivisa Property provides us with a more effective way of showcasing properties and enables us to keep our listings up to date.

Please note that we only list properties in the locations currently featured on our website and all potential listings are do so at the discretion of our real estate partner agent.

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