What’s new on the Thaivisa Property website?
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What’s new on the Thaivisa Property website?

Thaivisa Property website

We’ve updated the Thaivisa Property website with you in mind

After months of development and beta testing, the team at Thaivisa Property are delighted to bring you news of our updated property portal.

As part of the first phase of a series of planned updates, we’ve included a number of changes and enhancements to the site that have been designed to improve your experience when searching for property in Thailand.

The site updates are aimed to provide a better experience for  users of the Thaivisa Property website, with the main focus being on simplicity.

New property search facility

Thaivisa Property website search function

The first and perhaps most notable update is the introduction of a new and improved Thailand property search facility, which offers users a straightforward and effective way of browsing the property listings featured on the website. Check out the new search facility here.

Smarter, faster and more intuitive

thaivisa property website search example

In addition to improvements in the property search, we have updated our interface, which might not be immediately noticeable, but will result in a more responsive user experience with significantly faster loading times on all pages across the site.

This also means that navigation between listings, blog articles and more of the properties that appeal to you is now much easier.


Find out more about your favourite properties

Thaivisa Property - request details

Other updates to the site are focussed on how website users communicate with Thaivisa Property.

We’ve updated and revamped the contact forms throughout the site. Most notably, we’ve added the ‘Request Details’ button shown above.

This now provides users with the easiest way of finding out more about a specific property.

Look out for the new button on the property listings featured on the site.

Compare Thailand property prices in your own currency

Another notable update to the site is the introduction of the new currency converter. Now it’s easy for you to check the price of property in Thailand in the currency that you’re most familiar with. Our converter let’s you easily display property prices in THB, USD, GBP, EUR and many more and we’ll also be adding  adding SEK, DKK and NOK very soon.

The new currency converter can be found on each listing, just below the property sales price, you can’t miss it!

*Please note that our currency converter is to be used for information purposes only. Rates cannot be guaranteed and we’d always recommend you contact a bank or financial institution of the most accurate rates and information with regards to currency exchange.

Property  agents who speak your language

Look out for the flags displayed on the property listings on our site. These indicate the selection of languages spoken by our property partner agents. Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language. If you prefer to communicate with us in your native language, there is still a good chance one of our partner property agents will be able to assist you.

Use our bespoke Thailand property finder service

We’ve also refined and updated our search criteria form in our Property Finder Service, which can be used on the occasions when you might not be able find the property that truly matches your requirements in our regular search.

No matter what your requirements are as you search for property in Thailand, use our bespoke Property Finder Service to help us find the perfect home for you in Thailand.

A more responsive mobile design

TVP_tablet_2 - Thaivisa Property Website

With increasing numbers of our visitors using Thaivisa Property on their mobile device, we’ve made the site more responsive and user friendly for those with a tablet or smartphone.

Whilst we’re continuing to work on an altogether more optimal mobile platform, the latest site update means Thaivisa Property will now easily scale up on tablets and smartphones.

Continuing to evolve and improve

Following its launch in October 2013, Thaivisa Property is now one of the fastest growing property websites in South East Asia.

Our approach has always been to keep the site smaller and more refined rather than overloading it with thousands of property listings.

We want to make it as simple as possible for our users to buy property in Thailand and don’t expect you to trawl through hundreds of thousands of outdated or inaccurate property listings.

Instead, our property partner agents have picked out the best selection of property for sale in their specific region, with new property listings added daily.

In addition to these latest updates, the Thaivisa Property website will continue to grow, improve and evolve. We’ll also continue to work on smaller aspects of the site and push out updates which we feel will help to improve the usability of the site.

This means that our website users will not only benefit from updates to the site but also see Thaivisa Property take its first steps towards a much better overall experience to buying property in Thailand.

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